Saturday, June 19, 2010

GAME plan process in school

The website that we were introduced to, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) was where we helped to develop and create our GAME plan. I think that after reviewing the goals that I had set out to accomplish, I have been able to meet those goals. It is imperative that a teacher learns to train her students with what she expects of them. After reviewing what I wrote, I am thankful that I was able to tweak what I wrote if it wasn't working, or change the plan. You need to introduce the GAME plan starting as soon as they were able to understand what it was all about so that their skills can progress at a steady rate. I wouldn't be able to explain to them at first the acronyms, or what the goals would be; but I would be able to show them through examples. While teaching 4th and 5th grade I have learned that the students apply more of themselves and try harder when they find out exactly why they are doing this particular lesson. Giving them a choice in which standard (say out of 3) that they would like to learn first would allow them to take ownership of it. There might be some children who learn best with plan A, and others plan B. And having them predict which way they want to learn it opens them up to a whole other level of learning. I am always up for a challenge as a teacher, and realize that there is so much that has to go into preparing a lesson the first time you teach it; but involving the students in it not only breaks it down for me, but involves them with the GAME plan.

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  1. Overall you want all of the students to accomplish all of the standards for students put in place by the ISTE. To begin the process would you consider taking on one goal as an entire class so the students can get a feel for what they need to do. Then once you have successfully achieved this goal allow the students to choose the next goal that they would like to take on.

    I am just thinking about many of my students and I know they usually prefer to have guidance and modeling before tackling something as big as meeting standards set by the ISTE. By doing the entire group goal first it will hopefully decrease the number of questions and the uncertainties of what needs to be done.