Wednesday, December 23, 2009

final Blog Posting

My personal theory of learning has only grown in this class. I think that the theory would change based on the children/students you have in your class, and what your class needs at that point. The adjustments would be to find the area that the students need at that moment and tweak my plans to meet the needs of my students.
One of the tools I would be implementing would be cooperative learning. I believe that the more students interact with each other the more they benefit from learning. The other tool I will be using and have used is cues, questions and advance organizers. Students can benefit much more from being able to organize their information and put it into something other than words. It can go with them.
My first long-term goal would be for me to give more immediate feedback to the students on their work; And to make myself more available to the students while they are working. I feel like being able to talk to the students as they are working is more helpful than after the fact. This would be the tool of setting objectives and providing feedback.
My second long term goal would be to use more of the tools that we learned about in this course. I feel like the more we can bring into the students' learning, the better off they'll be, and the more that they'll be able to recall and spit back to us what we teach them.