Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final Blog Posting

This course has helped me to develop my own technology skills as a professional teacher in many ways. I never had done blogging before nor did I even know how to set one up. A google reader, that was the thing that I had the most difficulty with. I couldn't figure out what was supposed to be linked and how to set it up. But I have to say that since I have done this, it is amazing how easy it is.

I have learned that the teaching and learning process goes together. As the students learn in new ways and with new tools, the teachers also have to come up with new innovative ways to keep the students attention. Another thing that I have learned to accept is "if you can't beat them, join them." Yes, I know that we cannot give into everything that they do and is into, but I do think we could find a way to involve them through technology with the resources that they already use!!

There were many ways that my perspective from teacher-centered to learner-centered has changed in that before I do anything in the classroom right now, I think, "is this going to benefit the children?" I want to make sure that the students can get the most out of it that they can so that the impact of learning is top priority. Then I also am finding myself thinking "can all children learn through this?" Our learning can expand by continuing our education and keeping up on the up and coming technology. By taking master's classes like we are, that will keep our technology awareness and skills up to date.

I have two goals of transforming my class. My first goal is to start a "blog" for my class with a variation of different subjects that the parents could participate in it also. I would like to create a blog of all different subjects and content areas. It'll take a while to set up and train the kids as well as the parents on it. I would also love it if our school started up a blog for parents as a communication tool. I also would like for my students to be responsible for setting up a website for our class. It would also take sometime, but I think it is possible!!! I would have to slowly introduce the children to blogging, and setting up wiki's and/or a website. There are a lot of avenues that can be traveled through this, and I am willing to try each one until I get success! Really none of my answers changed from my original list. I feel I have gained a knowledge in order to try and attempt many things.